Service Agreement


OLD TUSBA TOURISM LTD. (Hereafter referred to as “OLDTUSBA”.) Those who purchase accommodation services from their agencies (hereafter referred to as "CUSTOMER".) The CUSTOMER agrees to follow the following rules.

1 - The scope of the service and service CUSTOMER has purchased is indicated in the voucher and brochure which is delivered to him/her.

2 - -All customers who book must comply with and provide all the information requested from them, particularly the facility, the Ministry of Health, local institutions/authorities, in accordance with the Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant institutions, including the HES Code, to the facility. Some services to be offered to customers who do not comply with the measures may be terminated. The facility and either OLDTUSBA are not responsible for any adverse situation if customers fail to comply with the measures taken under Covid-19. As part of the Covid-19 measures taken by the relevant public institutions to protect the health of customers, HES Code will be questioned when customers enter the facility. The facility may not accept diagnosed or themed customers as a result of questioning, take them into the isolation room, ask them to leave the facility, or perform other actions as required by the regulations of the relevant public institutions. All customers who book are responsible for implementing all necessary measures under Covid-19, particularly those determined by the Ministry of Health, prior to entering the facility, during and after leaving the facility, in order to maintain both their health and public health. All customers who have a health problem or have doubts about Covid-19 symptoms should contact health care organizations before entering the facility. Because of Covid-19, they are responsible for the damage or damage caused by customers and are not responsible for whatever reason.

3 - CUSTOMER acknowledges that They have read and knowledge about the brochure that contains the attributes of the service they have purchased.

4-CUSTOMER is responsible for accepting the rules of sale for this accommodation on behalf of others who are attending the trip with him/her, and is obligated to provide the correct information that will allow those referred to to to to to to to as first name, tc ID, Passport No. He/she is obliged and responsible for providing information to other participants about the pre-notification and brochure coverage and acknowledges that the brochure given to him/her is considered to be given to the participants. Any information on the service THAT the CUSTOMER has purchased will be provided through the contact information they share at the time of purchase, which is accepted BY THE CUSTOMER that OLDTUSBA is not responsible for the failure/incomplete or failure to provide.

5-CUSTOMER due to any lack of treatment or personal reasons of customer self-interest (tax debt, non-governmental institution, etc.) Accepts that OLDTUSBA will not have any legal and/or criminal responsibility if its exit/entry is blocked.

6- acknowledges that he is responsible for all luggage and contents; that HE is obliged to monitor and control items that are present to the CUSTOMER; that he/she is obliged to claim no legal and/or criminal responsibility of OLDTUSBA or its employees from items that have disappeared, that are subject to theft, which are subject to adultery, for the stated reasons.

7- the CUSTOMER is obliged to comply with the laws and customs subject to the facility to which they will stay and the vehicle to travel; to comply with the rules reported in relation to the service purchased by the guidance, facility, agency and transport authorities, He acknowledges that third parties will not jeopardize the safety/integrity of lives and property and that if third parties jeopardize the safety/integrity of lives and property, he will be personally and personally and personally and personally responsible for all damages that may arise, otherwise OLDTUSBA will not perform the service and therefore THE CUSTOMER has no right to return it.

8-The CUSTOMER agrees that the amount of extra food and beverages, personal expenses and any goods and services outside the scope of the accommodation service he has purchased will be paid by the CUSTOMER.

9- accepts that if the service is dismissive and discontinued, it will notify the OLDTUSBA official and the hotel where it is staying, in writing, for the obligation to cooperate and be attentive in the event that the service is terminated, otherwise it will be deemed to have received and used the service.

10 –The Customer's flaw, an unexpected and unavoidable behavior of a third person, an inventive cause (adverse weather, roadblock, strike, terror, fog, In the event of an unforeseen and unforeseen incident, which may indicate all the required care of the OLDTUSBA/agent/independent service provider, unforeseen technical considerations, pestilence, including Covid-19, etc.), the CUSTOMER will not be entitled to compensation. If the CUSTOMER is entitled to compensation if OLDTUSBA violates its commitment from this service, except as counted, this payment will be deducted from payments made by OLDTUSBA TO THE CUSTOMER if compensation is paid to THE CUSTOMER by the insurance company who has purchased travel insurance.

11-) reservations for all product types and services made from the call center and agent, including early booking, are required to pay the full booking price at the time of booking. If the payments specified within the period mentioned are not made, the reservation made will be canceled and 35% of the total booking fee will be invoiced TO THE CUSTOMER as compensation for the withdrawal. THE CUSTOMER who purchased discounted service, including early booking, even via the call center and agent, is obliged to pay the full service price on the date of booking. THE CUSTOMER is obligated to pay the full service price on the date of booking for all bookings purchased using the website, mobile sales or applications.

In the event that the gift certificate used in the booking made is not used/left for any reason BY THE CUSTOMER, the cancellation conditions in these General Rules will be applied and if the payment outside the check has been paid outside the check, the refund will be made if possible. The refund of the check in cash is not possible under any circumstances, and if it is possible to return it in accordance with the cancellation conditions in these General Rules, the check will be returned TO THE CUSTOMER for use within its term. THE CUSTOMER is unable to participate in the trip in the same way as to express their health and alibis, etc. He cannot hold OLDTUSBA responsible for his own defects and negligence, and in such a case, he knows that the cancellation conditions in these General Rules will apply.

12- IF the bank or financial institution does not pay the service price to OLDTUSBA for the CUSTOMER's credit card used to pay the price of the stay after the service was made, in the event THAT the CUSTOMER does not pay the service price for the CUSTOMER, in connection with the claim that the OLDTUSBA was wrongly and unlawfully used by unauthorized persons, not by the fault of the OLDTUSBA, he will be responsible for the price of the service being objected and any damage with legal interest which will be incurred from the date of booking.

If 13-OLDTUSBA disclaims the service unfairly, OLDTUSBA will return all payments THE CUSTOMER has made to THE CUSTOMER within 14 days.


14- If THE CUSTOMER declares that they have abandoned using the accommodation service that they have purchased, until 30 days before the start of the service, by means of a written or permanent data keeper, all of the cost they have paid is returned to them, except for the expenses incurred by the tax, tuition and similar legal obligations that must be paid.

THE CUSTOMER agrees to pay OLDTUSBA 35% of the price they pay if they report that they have given up using the accommodation service they have purchased through a written or permanent data keeper at 29-15 days before the start of the service. With less than 14 days left, they agree to pay the full amount to OLDTUSBA. The CUSTOMER's request for a change of date is a waive and will be written by THE CUSTOMER, taking into account the times mentioned above.

The report shows the discomfort/deaths that prevent 10 days of mutate processing that does not exist at the time of booking by THE CUSTOMER himself/herself or first-degree relatives and, like this, the written statement before the start of the service, the necessary tax to be paid in such a case, The cost incurred by mortar and similar legal obligations may be documented and the price paid to third parties will be returned TO THE CUSTOMER within 14 days without interruption, except for the non-refundable costs.

15-THE CUSTOMER may transfer it to a third person who fulfills the terms of service with the approval of the continuedOLDTUSBA to notify by means of a written or permanent data keeper up to 7 days prior to the start of the service. The transferer is responsible for the balance and the transfer reason and all expenses incurred by the circuit.

16-in writing, if THE CUSTOMER does not report in writing that they will participate in the service where they missed the start of their arrival time in accordance with the reported time of arrival, OLDTUSBA has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on the CUSTOMER's behalf after 24 hours. In such cases, NO refund will be made TO THE CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER may benefit from the service if they inform them that they will re-participate in the service within 24 hours of the start of the service.

17-OLDTUSBA may cancel the service in part or in full before it starts, if the supplier providing accommodation services notifies the OLDTUSBA that it will not serve, provided that the CUSTOMER is informed. THE CUSTOMER may use the right to make decisions for alternatives that may be offered to them in accordance with the suitability of the suppliers as part of the booking costs paid by the CUSTOMER for each service. THE CUSTOMER 14 has the right to return the service price not consumed by returning from the contract without compensation (1), (2), or the right to join another service at an additional price equal to the price offered (if any) by OLDTUSBA, or to participate in the higher value service at a price of difference, (3) if it chooses a lower price service, it is entitled to refund the difference in price to it.

18-THE CUSTOMER may insure the cost of treatment by accident and return to the exit point in case of illness, as well as damage resulting from any accident, before the accommodation service begins, at his expense, if desired.

19 - Customer is responsible for not reporting changes to contact information as contact information, such as address, phone, email, etc., shared by THE CUSTOMER during the purchase phase, will be used for notifications.

20 - If THE CUSTOMER is underage, the cancellation conditions in this document will be triggered when such a situation develops as they may not benefit from the service without a parent or legal guardian, depending on the accommodation site rules.

21-THE CUSTOMER may participate in the satisfaction measurement questionnaire if satisfaction is sought after after the end of the service, the gsm number dialed during the accession and the CUSTOMER's email address are only registered for membership creation and acknowledgment, complaints, suggestions, etc. with their views, first and last name information it can be communicated to the relevant facility in order to resolve the opinions and published on after being reviewed under the site guidelines.

22 - the hotel named Voucher, which has been purchased by THE CUSTOMER, does not provide guidance.