About Us

Established in 1988 in Van City, Old Tuşba Tur has been an authorized agent of cultural tours in Van Region as well as all domestic flights until 2002. In 2002, with the decision of the Board of Directors, Mr. Erkan Yılmaz was appointed as the General Manager and by increasing the company's activities in the tourism branch, he brought the domestic and foreign holiday packages to Van and the surrounding cities and determined the vision of the company in the future as the leader of the region in the package tour sales. Old Tuşba round, these predictions since 2004 with the first guests began to bring the Iranian Market, until 2009 Van Region and Turkey has started selling package tours to other cities. By opening up Antalya and Kuşadası Branches, it has become the pioneer agency of the Iranian Market. As of the year 2019, it aims to fulfill the same sincere and professional understanding in different markets in the tourism sector.

Erkan Yılmaz